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MidEast Grill


Regular & Large

Kebab $12.99

Falafel $9,99

Mix Shawarma $11.99

Beef Sirloin Shawarma $11.99

Chicken Shawarma $10,99

Boorak (3 pcs)

Iraqi Style Spring Rolls stuffed with Marinated Ground Beef. Comes with your choice of Taziki or in-house made hot sauce.

Served with Rice, Pita, choice of Salad or Fries + Dip

Kebab $15.99

FalaTel $12-99

Mix Shawarma $14,99

Beef Shawarma $14.99

Chicken Shawarma $13,99


Flatbread. with ground marinated group beef. 3 Pieces

MidEast Fries

Mideast Chicken Fries $9.95

Beef Shawarma $10.95

Mideast Mixed Fries $10.95

Mideast Kebab Fries $11.95

Mideast Beef Sirloin Fries


Tabouli Salad $7.99

Caesar Salad $7.99

Greek Salad $7.99

Eggplant Salad $7.99


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