Belle Aire Beach Bar and Grill

Welcome to Belle Aire Beach Bar and Grill

Who wouldn’t want to come stare at this beautiful view while dining!


Appetizers- Starters

Nachos  $15.00

Topped with mozza/cheddar blend cheese, tomatoes, onions, olives & jalapenos, Served with a side of sour cream & salsa
(add chi I $5 or chicken breast $6)

Deep Fried pickles $12
Battered pickles deep fried until crunchy. Served with creamy dill dip

Onion Rings  $11.00
Crispy battered onion rings deep fried to perfection

Mozzarella Sticks $12.00 These classic breaded mozza sticks are fried & served with marinara sauce

Deep Fried Shrimp $15
Spring roll crusted Shrimp, fried and served with lemon & sweet/spicy thai sauce


Garden lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion & your choice of dressing $10

Caesar lettuce, fresh bacon bits, croutons, Renee s dressing & parmesan $13

Greek- lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese 公 house Greek dressing $14

(Add  chicken breast to any salad for $6)

Main Courses

Halibut Fish & Chip’s $18.00
Battered in house Served with slaw, lemon, and home-made tartar sauce

(Add 2nd piece to this meal for only $8)

10oz Hamburger $15
Our famous burgers are served on a brioche bun, with a side of fries Garnished with lettuce, tomato, pickles & onion

(Add Cheese $Z Bacon $3 or Both $4)

Clubhouse $16.00

Triple decker chicken, bacon, lettuce. mayo & tomato sandwich. Toasted & served with fries

BLT Sandwich $10
Toasted with bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo, served with fries
Chicken Tenders $14
Breaded chicken tenders, served with fries and plum sauce
Caesar Wrap $10
Lettuce, real bacon bits & Caesar dressing in a flour tortilla wrap,
Add Chicken $6/Cheese $2

BLT Wrap $12
Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato & Mayo in a flour tortilla wrap
Add Chicken $6/Cheese $2

10pc Chicken Wings $17 20pc Chicken Wings $26Wing Dinners-Served with fries, veggies & dip.



Classic Cheese $10.00

Fries. Cheese Curds & beef

Bacon & Cheese $13.00
Fries, bacon, curds, shredded mozza/cheddar & gravy

Chili Cheese Poutine $15.00
Fries, curds, chili, green onion
& sour cream


Kids Menu

Chicken tenders $10.00

Fish & chips $13.00

Hamburger Cheeseburger $10.00

Hotdog $8.00

Grilled cheese $8.00


Domestic Tall Can  $6.00

Premium Tall Can $7.00

Imported Tall Can

Cooler Can $8.00

Caesar $9.00

Pop (can) $2.00

Coffee (bottomless) $3.00

Juice $1.00/$3.00

Chocolate milk $2.00/$4.00

Breakfast Menu


All meals include home fries, fresh fruit and your choice of toast

2 Eggs (Any Style)  $5
Add Bacon(4), Ham(2)or Sausage(3) $3
Add Peameal Bacon (2) $4

Big Beach Breakfast$11

3 Eggs (any style) served with crispy bacon slices (3), pork
sausages (3)& a slice of ham.

Eggs Benedict $11
An open-face English muffin topped with
peameal bacon, poached eggs and smothered
with Hollandaise sauce.

three egg omeletts

All meals include home fries, fresh fruit and your choice of toast

Cheese (shredded cheddar/ mozza mix)  $6
Add Bacon or Ham $2
Add mushroom, onion or green pepper $1


Green pepper, onion & tomatoes $8


Ham, onion & green pepper. $10.00

Pancakes and French Toast

All meals include fresh fruit

Pancakes (3)  $7

French Toast (3)  $7


All sandwiches are served with home fries

Fried Egg $5
Fried Egg & Cheese $6
Toasted Western $8
B.L.T. (bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo) $8
P.L.T. (peameal bacon,lettuce, tomato & mayo) $9
Grilled Cheese   $5              
Grilled Cheese with bacon $7

Side Orders

Home Fries  $3

Peameal Bacon (3) $5

Bacon (6) or Sausage (3) or Ham (3) $4

Toast (2) and jam $3

Fresh Fruit (3)

Extra egg $1



Tea or coffee $2

Hot Chocolate $2

Iced Tea $2

Can Soda $2

Apple, Orange or Cranberry juice  (sm) $1 (Lg) $2

Milk (sm) $1  (lg) $2

Chocolate Milk (sm) $1   (lg) $3

Bottled water $2

Perrier Water $4

Thank you for using Belle Aire Beach Bar & Grill; we Hope you enjoyed your experience.